King Solomon Award Scholarship Information

There are certain basic principles and laws societies all over the world have set as standards for a fruitful life. The Book of Proverbs written by King Solomon, son of King David, and a man considered by many as the wisest man who’s ever lived, covers many of these simple yet powerful directives.

Although none of us will ever reach perfection, or perhaps even come close to it, Proverbs serve as a daily reminder of what our focus and priorities should be, moreover, how we should be living our lives and treat those around us. I see it as a “how to guide” on decision making, regardless of your faith, political views, or gender.

Since 2009, our parent company Kameleon Enterprises, through The FORT brand, has been awarding financial assistance to high school students, as well as other non-profit organizations, through a scholarship based on an essay derived from a chapter in this ancient Book.

We invite you to partake and review the requirements. Our hope is to inspire you -regardless of the outcome- to read or listen to a Proverb as a part of your daily Routine.

Best regards,

François Damian Aristhomene Martínez

CVO Fort International

Details about the next edition of

King Solomon Awards Scholarship

will be shared in December 2022.

Last April 2nd we announced the winners of the King Solomon Award.

Choosing the winners this year was hard, due to the quality of the work presented. 💯

We thank all the participants and hope to have many more in the next edition for 2022/2023.

Thank you all and keep gaining knowledge and Wisdom.

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